13 Aug 2003

Archbishop dismisses claims that murdered Brothers were spying on Keke

5:25 pm on 13 August 2003

The Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia, Sir Ellison Pogo, says the Guadalcanal rebel leader Harold Keke is a mad person who cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

Sir Ellison was commenting on stories circulating in Honiara that Keke killed six Melanesian Brothers he had been holding hostage because they were spies working for the Government.

He has just returned to Honiara after cutting short a trip to Britain following news of the deaths.

Sir Ellison says there is no truth to the rumours and Keke is just trying to justify his actions.

He says the Brothers had gone to the Weather Coast in April to ensure another Brother, Nathaniel Sado, reportedly also killed by Keke, was properly buried.

"That was their whole mission,.... there was nothing about investigation, nor was there any political spying on behalf of government, they weren't politically motivated, they were simply driven for the love of their brother, who was killed before them,...it was to that end that they also met their tragedy."