8 Aug 2003

State government remains on the agenda in Solomons despite intervention

10:26 am on 8 August 2003

The leader of the Independents in the Solomon Islands Parliamentary Opposition, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says there is a still a need and a desire for a devolution of power from Honiara.

The Government is currently working on a state system after complaints from the provinces over Honiara's failure to properly fund them.

Mr Lilo says the presence of the regional assistance mission won't change this because the problems are systemic and have handicapped the country since independence.

"if we have an economic system that is centrally controlled and that in that centrally controlled economic system it gives rise to certain problems, you know, on issues of equity of distribution of resources, priorities on development programs and creating a culture of an empire kind of system in the centre so much so that they just look at themselves and not the whole country then there is no point in us continuing with the system."