6 Aug 2003

Solomons church leaders say ethical indigenous leaders must be fostered

4:31 pm on 6 August 2003

Church leaders in Solomon Islands have warned the Australian and New Zealand governments that foreign intervention will only succeed if ethical indigenous leadership is fostered.

The executive of the Solomon Islands Christian Association, or SICA, says whatever the form of intervention by outside parties, the issue of Solomon Island leadership cannot be provided by outsiders.

It says outside intervention can only be constructive if facilitated by ethical Solomon Island leadership.

SICA says failure by the intervening authorities to understand the nature of the country's problems will result in what it calls inappropriate offers of help.

The church leaders say some of the country's problems are directly the result of indiscriminate assistance and inappropriate relationships that have fuelled corruption.

It says Australia and New Zealand must give serious attention to the place of Solomon Island leadership in any strategy addressing the Solomon Islands