26 Jul 2003

New Zealand aid money for Solomons teachers

9:26 am on 26 July 2003

New Zealand says before it can help restore education in Solomon Islands it needs to find out how many teachers are on the roll.

New Zealand has identified education as an area in which it can provide increased assistance as part of the project to restore law and order and services in the country.

Peter Adams, the Executive Director of New Zealand's international aid agency, NZAID, says this year it is allocating more than half of its aid budget of 8 million US dollars to education.

Much of this will go towards paying teachers who have received wages irregularly in the past two years.

But he says first they need to eliminate fake names from the teacher rolls.

"So there's a job of work to be done, cleaning up the teacher's rolls so to speak, so that it represents actual teachers in the system. Then, of course, we simply need to find a funding mechanism that ensures that the money finds its way to the teachers."