24 Jul 2003

Samoa Air sees positives in troubled industry's buyer's market

4:02 pm on 24 July 2003

The American Samoan carrier, Samoa Air, says the current negativity in the airline industry has created an opportunity to upgrade its capabilities.

Samoa Air has said it will not discontinue its service to the Manuas, despite its sole aircraft having to undergo an FAA-mandated upgrade in September, and continuing difficulty in raising funds to purchase a second Twin-Otter craft.

But its chief executive, Andre Lavigne, says in the current buyer's market, they are in a better economic position than many other airlines.

"The population of Samoa has doubles since we started servicing the Samoas 17 years ago and we remain with these small aircraft. But the same negative factors affecting your purchase of another aircraft is also affecting the sales of all these aircraft. We are now looking at much larger regional airliners able to give a much better 24 hour service are now very reasonably priced."

Andre Lavigne, the CEO of Samoa Air in Pago Pago.