15 Jul 2003

PNG police station comes close to being blown up

4:26 pm on 15 July 2003

An attempt has been made to blow up a police station in the Papua New Guinea township of Kundiawa.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that criminals broke into the police station and wired up 16 sticks of dynamite but because of incorrect wiring there was no explosion.

The Chimbu provincial police commander, Chief Superintendent Samson Mapi, says if the dynamite had ignited there would have been a huge explosion, resulting in most of the town's buildings being set alight.

Superintendent Mapi says the would be bombers appeared to have had up to four hours inside the station to set up the dynamite and go through his office and those of the adjourning provincial administration.

He says the dynamite had been in his office after being confiscated at an earlier roadblock.

Superintendent Mapi says he has suspended five policemen who were rostered for duty on Sunday when the break-in occurred.