2 Jul 2003

Women stand to lose livelihood in security clampdown after violence in PNG settlements

4:56 pm on 2 July 2003

Police in Papua New Guinea have now arrested 94 people and charged them with wilful murder over the deaths of ten people at Tete Settlement in Port Moresby.

A two year old child was among those slashed to death in the ethnic clashes ast week.

Police described the killings as barbaric and appealed to leaders in the settlement to prevent further fighting.

Meanwhile, the National Council of Women says it's concerned that the ethnic unrest in the capital could get worse.

The council's national president, Nahau Roonie, says if fighting continues, it will take away people's ability to make a living and provide for families.

"The women now, in the informal sector, they do a lot of that marketing, but any disorder, especially in the city will have a big impact on the livelihood especially of those who are living in urban centres."

Mrs Roonie says police were quick to clamp down but she is concerned that the clashes could spark nationwide unrest.