4 Jul 2003

Solomons opposition wants crimes investigated back to October 2000

10:38 am on 4 July 2003

Solomon Islands Opposition MPs say all crimes committed since the signing of the Townsville Peace Agreement in October 2000 should be investigated.

The TPA gave amnesty for crimes committed in connection with the coup in June of that year and events leading up to it.

At the weekend the Prime Minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, said a planned Australian led force to help restore law and order in the country, would not be looking into past crimes.

But an Opposition spokesman Simeon Bouro says they have told New Zealand and Australian officials in Honiara that Solomon Islanders want to see justice done, and they are hoping the intervention force would provide that.

He says the hope is the intervention force will create an atmosphere that allows the Government to function normally.

"If the atmosphere is conducive, then the police can do their normal duty, wether it's crimes that still haven't been investigated or partly investigated during or before the intervention."