5 Jul 2003

Fiji's National Federation Party says the country's poiticians must bury their differences

9:15 am on 5 July 2003

Fiji's National Federation Party has expressed concern that there has been little co-operation between the government and the Labour Party since democratic elections nearly two years ago.

The NFP's vice-president, Ram Lajendra, says debates in parliament are dominated by name calling, racial abuse, political posturing and grandstanding from both sides of the house.

Mr Lajendra says the vast majority of law abiding and right thinking citizens have had enough of this.

He says the people of Fiji, especially the Indian community, expect their elected leaders to fulfill their promises and genuinely attempt to find solutions to the many economic and social problems that plague the country.

The NFP vice-president says it is essential that politicians cast aside their differences in the national interest and bridge the gulf.