8 Jul 2003

Solomons warlord, Harold Keke, agrees to conditional ceasefire

10:53 am on 8 July 2003

The Solomon Islands Government's envoy to the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal, Y Sato, has revealed that a ceasefire by rebel Harold Keke comes with conditions.

Keke announced that he would observe a ceasefire after the independent MP met him on Saturday and asked him to ease the tension on the Weather Coast, as Dorothy Wickham reports.

"It wasn't a negotiation. He appealed to Keke for some sort of calming down of the situation and this is how the declarartion came about. Harold Keke had a meeting with his leaders and commanders and the meeting lasted for an hour and when they came out of that meeting, that is when they came up with the resolution that drew up the declaration for a ceasefire."

Keke also told Y Sato the ceasefire would be lifted if there were what he called disturbances on Guadalcanal.

And Keke also said that the problems on Guadalcanal are an internal matter to be resolved by the people of Guadalcanal.