8 Jul 2003

Non commercial Fiji station angry at Government fees

4:06 pm on 8 July 2003

Fiji's only non profit, community television station is unable to expand its services from Nadi to Suva because the Government is demanding the same high fees set for commercial stations.

The fee is two thousand US dollars a year and the Government has told CTV that it must clear six thousand dollars owing for the last 3 years before expansion plans can be looked at.

CTV director John Yates says it is blatantly unfair to levy the same licence fee on their non-profit service as that charged to Fiji TV which makes profits of millions of dollars a year.

Community TV is run by volunteers with equipment provided largely by overseas aid.

Mr Yates says they have everything ready and can open up in Suva within a week but the problem is with the licence fee.

He says the government has not cancelled its Nadi licence because it realises that Community TV provides a good service.