12 Jul 2003

Film by Vanuatu drama group shoowing at festival in Australia and UK

8:06 am on 12 July 2003

A film on land rights by the celebrated Vanuatu drama group, Wan Smolbag, is to show at festivals in Brisbane and the U.K.

The 90 minute feature, A Piece of Land, deals with land dispute issues in Vanuatu and the Pacific in general.

The film shows that the best place to sort out a land dispute is not in the courts but the traditional nakamal or meeting house.

In the film, the custom chief calls the disputing parties, hears their complaints then resolves the matter in the traditional way, which may involve the payment of pigs and mats.

The film shows that in custom, both parties gain by exchanging gifts so that at the end of the day peace and unity prevails in the village.