16 Jul 2003

Samoa's Ministry for womens affairs saddened by 12 year old facing drugs charges

4:25 pm on 16 July 2003

The Chief Executive for Samoa's Ministry for Women, community and social development, Luagalau Foisaga Sina Shon, says the Convention of the Rights of the Child is being abused by the very people it trusts to uphold it.

Her comments follow the arrest of a 12 year old girl last week, who appeared in court charged with possession of marijuana.

The child's mother is also facing drugs charges.

Luagalau says while the Ministry is working through ways to help the child, they can't have any direct involvment until after the hearing at the end of the month.

"It's very very sad, that parents whom we count on and have faith in protecting children from abuse, and protecting them from the use of drugs and narcotics, are the very ones who are violating the rights of children in this way, for example this young girl."

The CEO for Samoa Ministry for Women, Community and Social Development, Luagalau Foisaga Sina Etuati Shon.