17 Jul 2003

Fiji's new police commissioner wins backing of senior officers

3:19 pm on 17 July 2003

Fiji's first post coup police commissioner has taken office with a promise to maintain law and order in the country and restore public confidence in the force.

Andy Hughes comes from Australia where he was as assistant commissioner in the Federal Police and Deputy Commissioner of the Capital territory police.

He says the new job will be markedly different, but there are commonalities in community policing no matter where you go.

Mr Hughes was appointed after Fiji had approached several donor governments for assistance in filling the position.

Senior Fiji police officers have pledged their loyalty and support and say they are looking forward to working with him.

Mr Hughes succeeds Col Isikia Savua who has been appointed Fiji's Ambassador to the United Nations but is still under investigation for his alleged role in the May 2000 coup.