21 May 2003

American Samoa cleans up after storms claim four

4:00 pm on 21 May 2003

Services are slowly returning to normal in American Samoa after heavy rain yesterday which claimed four lives.

Three of the dead, two 17 year old youths and a 24 year old father of three, are members of the same family.

They died when their house in Pago Pago was hit by a landslide.

Meanwhile as Monica Miller reports, a number of people remain in emergency shelters.

"there's less than one hundred in the shelters, but the number of people that actually lost their homes, could be considerably higher, but they're staying with church ministers as well as family members and the people that are in the shelters are getting food and clothing and bedding from the government....There was light traffic today compared to the usual amount of traffic as people headed into the town to work. The canneries were closed, but the hospital has been reopened after people volunteered to clean it up."

It will be fully opened by tomorrow, but they are accepting out patients tday as well.