23 May 2003

TUC Secretary says minister can't decide attendee

3:46 pm on 23 May 2003

The secretary of the Fiji Trade Union Congress, Felix Anthony, says the labour minister does not have the power to decide who to take to next month's meeting of the International Labour Organisation.

The minister Kenneth Zinck has cancelled the congress president's attendance at the Geneva meeting and is planning to take Attar Singh who is the secretary of the TUC's rival body, the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions.

The cancellation follows threats by the TUC that it will not attend a tripartite meeting in Fiji because of its rivals involvement.

Mr Anthony says FICTU shouldn't be involved in such meetings because it is not apolitical.

"They're actually stooges of government and they are actually playing or dancing to the tune of government and government loves that, which is why they are being promoted as another alternative national centre. They hardly have any real representation."

Felix Anthony, says he has communicated with the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and Mr Zinck and his choice will not be allowed into the ILO meeting because they will have to face the credentials committee