27 May 2003

Fiji TV probed over its tax record

5:21 am on 27 May 2003

The monopoly Fiji Television Limited is under investigation by the Revenue and Customs Authority for not paying taxes since its inception.

The company says it has been operating under the assumption that it was not required to pay taxes because of a verbal agreement going back to 1994.

Fiji TV has promoted itself and sold shares on the South Pacific Stock Exchange as a tax free company.

But its news service says the company received a surprise recently when it was billed for outstanding taxes.

Its chief executive, Ken Clarke, won't say how much the company has been billed but says the company will file an objection.

Fiji TV made a profit of 1-point-1 million US dollars in the last financial year and is reported to have cash reserves of more than 3 million US dollars.

Meanwhile, the company is still trying to get a further ten-year monopoly from the government despite string public objections.