9 Jun 2003

Fiji's Citizens Constitutional Forum says a Truth Commssion should not be set up by those involved i

8:22 am on 9 June 2003

The Citizens Constitutional Forum says calls in Fiji for a Truth Commission should not be seriously considered because they are coming from the perpetrators of the May 2000 coup.

The call has been made by Senator Ratu Josefa Dimuri of George Speight's Conservative Alliance party, who is facing coup-related mutiny charges and supported by the Information Minister, Simione Kaitani.

The Citizens Constitutional Forum says talk of a Truth Commission has come mainly from the perpetrators who see it as a means of evading responsibility for what happened in May 2000 and its consequences.

The Forum spokesman, Jone Dakuvula, says Mr Kaitani made a broadcast in 2000 calling on indigenous Fijians to go to parliament to support the coup and gave an interview to ABC TV saying Mahendra Chaudhry got deserved what he got.

Mr Dakuvula says in South Africa, the initiative for aTurth Commission came from the victims rather than the perpetrators.