12 Jun 2003

Tongan newspaper editor says the government has been denied a stay on an injunction against it

9:22 am on 12 June 2003

The editor of the Taimi O Tonga newspaper is hoping the paper will finally go back on sale in Tonga today, after three months of Government bans.

Mateni Tapueluelu says the Chief Justice, Gordon Ward, last night rejected the Government's appeal for a stay on his Monday ruling that said the government couldn't treat the paper as a prohibited, unauthorised or restricted import.

The government and 11 Cabinet Ministers named in the injunction were told to immediately withdraw any instructions to prevent the free movement of the paper into the country.

It has not been possible to get confirmation that the court turned down their stay request.

Mr Tapueluelu meanwhile says if the Government again refuses to release the papers being held by Customs, then the paper will file for contempt of court against the Cabinet Ministers named in the injunction.