14 Jun 2003

Fiji MP admits military weapons were used by those involved in May 2000 coup

8:10 am on 14 June 2003

Fiji coup front man George Speight's brother has told parliament that all weapons used in the overthrow of the Chaudhry government in May 2000 were from the military.

Government MP and Speight's elder brother, Samisoni Tikonisau, has told the House of Representatives that over the first two weeks of the coup, weapons were flowing freely from the military into parliament because of orders from a higher authority.

But, he said, all weapons were returned to the military in good faith.

Mr Tikonisau said the so-called military weapons that are still missing had no links to those that were used in parliament.

He said this was an important issue because the removal of immunity from Speight and the others who took part in the coup hinges on it.

Mr Tikonisau said all weapons were returned and immunity should be granted to all those involved in the coup.