28 May 2003

Niue Government says prospects of vanilla growing are positive

4:53 pm on 28 May 2003

The Niue Government says its first assessments of the viability of vanilla as a cash crop are promising.

The island is investigating options for economic development in agriculture, fishing and tourism, in which New Zealand has indicated it is prepared to offer assistance.

Vanilla growing is one of the potential crops and Planning and Economic Development Minister Bill Motufoou was recently sent to French Polynesia to research vanilla growing there.

The Premier, Young Vivian, says at today's Cabinet meeting, Mr Motufoou was instructed to now produce concrete proposals for vanilla farming.

"in other words how do we get say fifty acres or hundred this year. What do we have to do....How much money....Do we concentrate on a small little gardens at home or do we aim for one acre per family.....Or do we aim for five acres, three acres to five acres,. He'll have to work that out.....But I think I'd like to take all options aboard."