2 Jul 2003

Fiji Senate critical of fast food chains

6:42 am on 2 July 2003

Members of Fiji's senate have attacked the international fast food chains McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken for causing obesity and cholesterol rise.

The Fiji Times reports the attack has come both from government senator Kenneth Low and Labour Party senator Dr Atu Emberson-Bain during debate on the food and safety bill.

Dr Emberson-Bain has questioned why McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken would not be held accountable for the quality of their food under the provisions of the bill.

She says meals from McDonalds are already linked to cancers of the breast and bowel as well as obesity and heart disease.

Dr Emberson-Bain says McDonalds has already been taken to court in the US and Britain because of the low nutritional value of their food and for causing obesity.

She says obesity is already a serious health problem in the region.