3 Jun 2003

Opposition to Fiji telecommunications bill

11:27 am on 3 June 2003

Monopoly companies Telecom Fiji and FINTEL are reported to be strongly opposed to a draft Telecommunications Bill on which the government is seeking public submissions.

The BiIl, among other things, seeks to create an independent body to deregulate and introduce competition to the telecommunications industry and set tariffs and pricing.

The government says developments on the international scene are putting more pressure on Fiji to bring about changes to the telecommunications industry and to introduce appropriate technologies to meet demand for modern facilities.

The proposed body will promote fair competition and efficient market conduct, and deal with consumer complaints.

If the Bill is enacted, it will mean the end of the monopoly currently held by Fiji Telecom and FINTEL.

Fiji TV quotes senior government officials as saying both companies oppose the bill and want the current system to remain.