20 Jun 2003

Former Fiji prime minister calls for calm as country awaits Supreme Court decision

7:31 am on 20 June 2003

The former Fiji prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka, has appealed to people to remain calm as they wait for the decision of the Supreme Court on the multi-party cabinet case.

Mr rabuka has told Radio Fiji's Hindi language programme that while the judges deliberate on the case, people should stop making political statements.

He says people should continue with their normal lives with civil servants continuing to serve the people and the private sector concentrating on their business.

Mr Rabuka says politics should be left to the politicians as people wait their turn to give a verdict on who they want to lead them into the future.

The Supreme Court's ruling will be delivered on notice which could be today or early next week.

Observers say the ruling will have a major bearing on the political history of Fiji.