3 Jul 2003

Solomons lacks money for aid work on Tikopia Island

10:41 am on 3 July 2003

The Solomon Islands Government's money problems are stalling assistance for storm battered Tikopia.

The isolated eastern island, which suffered extensive damage during Cyclone Zoe in December, was further set back by Cyclone Gina last month.

National Disaster Council's Loti Yates confirms that Tikopia will be dependent on food aid for several more months but the agency is struggling to get it to them.

He says they want to get a team in to assess the situation, but with the Government basically broke they are relying on aid donors, who, he says, have not responded to their pleas for two weeks.

"We are getting our people to check on what the response is from these people every day, and, at the same time, fearing the worst. I've also got my officer to continue with the Ministry of Finance for more funding."