27 May 2003

Nauru still without Speaker, budget session in two weeks

6:56 pm on 27 May 2003

MPs on Nauru again failed to elect a new speaker and form a government in two sessions today, and will meet again on Thursday.

The 18 MPs have failed to compromise over who should fill the Speaker's role despite a series a meetings following the elections nearly a month ago.

The Clerk of Parliament, Freddie Cain, says the impasse is becoming more critical with the Budget due to be tabled in the second week of June.

"we have to pass a budget and put in supply......well let me put it this way, the caretaker Government is still functioning , there is no problem with that, but we still have to elect a substantive President in this new Parliament but the problem is we don't have a Speaker and we need a Speaker to certify the bills and what not, and even to conduct the election of the President"