30 May 2003

Continuing concerns as Northern Marianas' volcanic eruption continues

4:33 pm on 30 May 2003

The Emergency Management Office in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands has warned locals not to drink from rain catchment water systems due to the continuing eruption of a volcano on Anatahan Island.

The volcano has been spewing smoke and ash since May the 10th and the EMO says the ash could have contaminated water sources.

Juan Camacho from the EMO, says his office has also issued a smog warning, recommending that people who suffer from respiratory problems take precautions .

Mr Camacho says the eruptions have been getting progressively worse and the 30-day state of emergency period should be extended.

"It should be extended next June 13th because the Governor signed a declaration on May 13th. So probably a week before, I'm going to submit an extension of the emergency."

Juan Camacho.