10 Jun 2003

American Samoa gets applications for help after May floods

4:34 pm on 10 June 2003

The American Samoa government is receiving applications for financial help from victims of last month's floods which caused 50 million US dollars worth of damages.

Leota Vaea Ainu'u says people will be able to apply for monies and loans from three relief funds from the US government.

This comes after President Bush declared American Samoa a federal disaster area which allows the territorial government to access federal emergency funds.

Leota says funding assistance will range from buying clothes for individuals to low interest business loans.

"Three relief programmes include individual assistance that means clothing, food furniture, personal items and then public assistance and medication and also allow for loans, low-interest loans to help rebuild."

Leota Vaea Ainu'u

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is in the territory to assess the victims claims and the American Red Cross says it has identified 600 families needing help.