19 Jun 2003

Guam attorney general resists goverment borrowing plan

4:28 pm on 19 June 2003

Guam's Attorney-General says he will continue to object to a bond bill worth more than 220-million US dollars despite government warnings that it will close down without it.

Douglas Moylan has refused to approve the bill, which will let the government borrow on the bond market, because he says the amount exceeds the island's limit.

The Governor, Felix Camacho, is now canvassing lawmakers to create a definition for aggregate tax valuation before taking his case to the supreme court.

Mr Moylan says the government should make cuts and find other ways of getting money.

And he says he disputes government remarks that he is not fulfilling his role.

"If I did not speak out on this issue then I would be violating a fundamental responsibility of my office which is to protect the public interest. The attorney general is the watchdog and a safety valve for government officials. And I think that's where they may have difficulty reconciling our positions. They don't believe that the governor should be second-guessed. Well I beg to differ."

Douglas Moylan.