19 May 2003

Amnesty says Fiji autohrities must vigorously address impunity

5:04 pm on 19 May 2003

Amnesty International has called on Fiji to build foundations against future political unrest with the equal application of all human rights in the constitution.

In a statement, Amnesty says members of the government have been campaigning for coup front man, George Speight's release from prison, while the military has been pressured to go soft on coup rebels facing a court martial.

It says the guilty plea by Speight prevented evidence on officials implicated the coup from being presented in court.

Amnesty has called on the authorities in Fiji to vigorously address impunity at all levels.

It says the recent treason charges against the vice president, Ratu Jope Seniloli, and several others are belated steps in the right direction, but other participants in coup related human rights violations should not be allowed to walk free.

Amnesty says all Fiji citizens, indigenous and Indian, have been suffering from the effects of the coup.

It says they deserve a chance to build a future for their children based on respect for human dignity, racial equality and the rule of law.