13 May 2003

PNG Employers Federation calls for government to resolve wage impasse

6:18 am on 13 May 2003

Papua New Guinea's Employers Federation president, John Jeffery, says the government should intervene to resolve the stalemate with the Trade Union Congress over the minimum wage.

Following the TUC's rejection of the Ferdation's latest interim offer, Mr Jeffery says the National Tripartite Consultation Council should hold a roundtable discussion to forge some settlement.

Mr Jeffrey has accused the TUC of denying thousands of workers and their families of a considerable increase in their wages by refusing to agree on new interim terms.

But he says it's time for the government to step in and to help find a solution:

"Like in all wage negotations we belive there is an area of compromise that is both affordable and importantly for a country like this that is crying out for employment creation, we certainly don't want to threaten the employment of those who are already employed."