9 May 2003

Vanuatu police to remould itself, increase street patrols

10:51 am on 9 May 2003

Vanuatu's police commissioner Robert Dee Niro says there will be an increased police presence on the streets in an effort to restore public confidence in the police service.

As well as more police patrols, Mr Dee Niro confirmed that there will be more cohesion between the Force's three main elements: the mobile paramilitary wing, the VMF, the maritime wing, and the general duty police.

He says that over recent months, the police force has gone through a challenging period, and is now looking to remould itself around the catchphrase "Vanuatu Police Force, a Force for Good".

"For a small economy like ours we need to have a show of the police force so that business can develop in a safe society. So there will be more interactions, more polive presence, more foot patrols in the town and in the surrounding residential areas."

Vanuatu's Police Commissioner Robert Dee Niro