7 May 2003

Guam anti corruption fighters celebrate first conviction

4:57 pm on 7 May 2003

The Guam government's corruption division has won its first conviction in its campaign against corrupt public servants.

The former Mass Transit Authority General Manager, Joseph Martinez, has pleaded guilty to the unauthorised use of a credit card and two counts of official misconduct.

The Attorney-General, Douglas Moylan, says the conviction is a sign the culture of corruption that has existed in past adminstrations is being addressed.

"this is one of many cases going on in Guam, we have a federal government that's actively prosecuting and convicting several different government officials. We had a governors administration that lasted for two terms which was eight years, and we are now in the process of hunting down those people that abused the public trust."

Mr Moylan says 10 senior public servants are having cases prepared against them and many others may follow.

He says the fact that he is the first Attorney-General to be elected and not appointed by the Governor adds transparancy to the process.

Mr Martinez, who spent nearly 7-thousand US dollars on a company creditcard, will be sentenced in July.