2 May 2003

More details of American Samoa fraud case

10:14 am on 2 May 2003

Details have been disclosed of the charges against eight American Samoan residents arrested by FBI agents in a fraud case.

A federal grand jury in Hawaii charged them with conspiracy and mail fraud in a bid to defraud an American insurance company of 280-thousand US dollars.

Two of them, Tausiga Ofoia and Ateliana Teo, are alleged to have used their positions as clerks at the LBJ medical centre to alter records in order to get benefits for those in the conspiracy.

When the American Family Life Assurance Company made payouts, they would share the money with the clerks who forged the records.

In a second indictment, Irata Finuaga is accused of using her position as an insurance brokerage employee to intercept legitimate claims and alter them so she could receive payments.