1 May 2003

Fiji Council of Churches backs Commmodore Bainimarama's stand on coup accomplices

4:26 pm on 1 May 2003

The Fiji Council of Churches has come out in full support of the army commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama's stand that soldiers involved in the coup and associated mutinies face the full brunt of the law.

Its general secretary, Ben Bhagwan, has told the Fiji Times the council believes in justice and the upholding of the law.

Mr Bhagwan says the Fiji Council of Churches, whose membership comprises eight mainstream churches, has decided not to plead for people responsible for the political upheaval of the coup because justice has to be done.

He says the law cannot be compromised and justice by the law courts as well as the constitution must be upheld.

The Assembly of Christian Churches, comprising the newer churches in Fiji, was earlier reported to have met Commodore Bainimarama to seek protection for its members involved in the coup as part of reconciliatory efforts.