1 May 2003

Fight in PNG over election challenge

4:21 pm on 1 May 2003

A fight erupted in Papua New Guinea's Supreme Court between supporters of an ousted member of parliament and a rival politician.

Supporters of David Unagi and Casper Wollom clashed after the court ruled declared Mr Wollom's election to the Moresby North East Open seat void and ordered that a by-election be held.

Mr Unagi claimed that votes from two tampered ballot boxes were included in the count which saw him lose to Mr Wollom.

The Post Courier reports that bottles, stones and sticks were hurled by the opposing sides, people were physically assaulted and that vehicles and building windows were damaged.

It says the courtroom was packed by supporters of both sides.

Mr Wollom says he will file for a review of the judgment.