30 Apr 2003

Outer Cook Islands will benefit from Cotonou aid

5:07 pm on 30 April 2003

The outer islands in the Cooks will be the first to benefit from millions of dollars in aid that is expected to flow from an agreement with the European Union.

Two million US dollars will be used for health and education in the more isolated regions over the next two years.

But the Finance Minister, Dr Terepai Maoate, says the funds will be allocated through the ministries concerned:

"But its not a grant as such to be given to each island...it is a grant which will be processed through their budget or normal budget allocations for health and education."

The millions of dollars money has been allocated to the Cooks over the next twenty years under the Cotonou Agreement with the African, Carribean and Pacific Group of developing nations.

The aid for trade agreement aims to alleviate poverty.