29 Apr 2003

FSM traditional canoe sails from Yap to Palau

10:22 am on 29 April 2003

A master navigator from the island of Yap in the Federated States of Micronesia has sailed an 11 metre canoe to Palau using only the stars, winds and currents to guide his vessel.

The trip had not been taken for a number of decades.

The chiefs from Gachpar in Yap and Melekeok in Palau, who called for the trip, say they hope it will inspire people in the Pacific to preserve their culture .

They also want to teach their youth about their traditions and strengthen the historic bond between the two villages.

The master navigator who undertook the trip is 71-year-old Mau Piailug.

His longest voyage was a 31-day trip between French Polynesia and Hawaii.