23 Apr 2003

Solomons police team to try and confirm reports of another massacre by Harold Keke

4:04 pm on 23 April 2003

Solomon Islands police say a team should leave for the Guadalcanal Weather Coast this afternoon to try and confirm reports that rebel leader-in-hiding Harold Keke recently killed nine people

Charles Lemoa says the police are still waiting on the availibility of fuel to get to the weathercoast but he expects they will dispatch a boat within hours.

Mr Lemoa says based on the intelligence they have, the killings, which happened late last month, were the handiwork of Keke who is believed to be camped in a mountainous area on the Weather Coast...

"Confirmation now stands that the killing was done by him and according to three people, eye witnesses, who relayed the information to the police, say that it was definitely him who killed those people."

Charles Lemoa