18 Apr 2003

Solomons Government told it must break the lawlessness cycle

3:42 pm on 18 April 2003

The Solomon Islands Government has been told it holds the key to solving the lawlessness in the country.

John Roughan of the Solomon Islands Development Trust says the Government must start being even and fair in the way it operates, and not give in to threats and intimidation.

Tens of millions of dollars of public money has been paid out to groups associated with police or former militants who intimidate the government and its officials.

Mr Roughan says while this is happening critical sectors such as health and education have been deprived of basic supplies and staff have struggled to get their pay.

He says the Government must show it has the will to break this cycle.

"this is fundamental...they have to be seen as being in charge and being even and fair to all its people, not those who come with muscle, and give into them"