18 Apr 2003

Solomons government urged to do more to curb lawlessness

10:54 am on 18 April 2003

The advisor to the Solomon Islands Development Trust says the Government must show more commitment to curb lawlessness in the country.

John Roughan says efforts to boost foreign investment will come to nothing if the Government is not more resolute in standing up to groups demanding compensation payments.

Tens of millions of dollars of public money has been paid out to groups associated with police or former militants who intimidate the government and its officials.

John Roughan says while this is happening the critical sectors of health and education have been deprived of basic supplies and staff have struggled to get their pay.

He says the Government must show the will to break this cycle.

"The law and order issue is not so much down in the street and down in society. It is within government itself. Is it going to take the hard choice? Is it going to make a decision to say 'Yes we have made a political decision this is the way the funds are going to be spent or not?"

John Roughan.

The Civil Society Network is planning to write to all 50 MPs and asking them to be more responsible, transparent, accountable and credible in what they do for the country.