10 Apr 2003

Fiji MP updating nuclear veterans information to pursue lawsuit

10:21 am on 10 April 2003

A Fiji MP says she is close to completing updated information on Fiji Nuclear Test Veterans in order to pursue a claim for compensation against the British.

Losena Salabula says she has the correct details on 200 out of the 423 veterans who were subjected to the fallout of tests on Malden and Christmas islands in the 1950s.

Mrs Salabula says the veterans are determined to pursue a lawsuit because future generations will continue to be affected by the impact of the nuclear tests.

"That is why they want to pursue this claim for compensation. The effects of the radiation have come to affect their children, grandchildren and even some of their great-grandchildren. And this has been scientifically proved."

Losena Salabula says although the vets lost an earlier case for compensation, the result was close and she believes that this time they could win.

The MP says the British and the French should accept responsibility for the impact of their nuclear testing in the region as the United States has in the Marshall Islands.