10 Apr 2003

Fiji to look for new police commissioner overseas

4:20 am on 10 April 2003

Fiji has failed to find a new police commissioner locally and will look overseas.

Fiji TV reports that the government has given approval for an overseas search after the Constitutional Services Commission could not find a suitable replacement within the country.

The chair of the Commission, Peter Knight, says they have interviewed all local applicants and felt they had to extend the search overseas.

Senior police and army officers are reported to have been among the 15 applicants for the job.

It became vacant when the former commissioner, Col Isikia Savua, left in December to become Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations.

The file on his alleged involvement in the coup was re-opened when he left Fiji.

The current acting commissioner, Moses Driver, who is not an applicant for the post, is on record as saying that an expatriate commissioner is needed for several years to restore public confidence in the police force.