9 Apr 2003

Fiji military keeping eye on security risks over destabilisation possibility

4:39 pm on 9 April 2003

The Fiji army says it is keeping under surveillance those people thought to present a security risk to the country.

This follows reports that the government is concerned about national security after it received intelligence information that elements within the country wanted to destabilise it.

The cabinet is reported to be taking the intelligence seriously.

Army spokesman, Warrant officer Neumi Leweni, says the military is aware of the concerns but has not been put on any special alert.

Warrant officer Leweni says they are keeping an eye on those people believed to be involved.

"The Fiji military force is like any other military. We have our own intelligence network. Those are the ears and eyes of the military out there, and they keep a watch on whatever is going on. As far as we are concerned, we know what's going on out there and the military out there watching the people whom we think would be instigators of instability."

Fiji's military spokesman, Warrant officer, Neumi Leweni.