9 Apr 2003

Solomon Islands police chief to call for more help from aid donors

10:37 am on 9 April 2003

Solomon Islands police commissioner William Morrell says he is talking with aid donors about additional help he needs to rehabilitate the country's troubled police service.

New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Taiwan and the UNDP are all providing assistance, but Mr Morrell says more help is needed.

Currently Australia is funding advisors who are helping to develop police systems, New Zealand has provided ten front line officers working in mentoring roles, while Britain is funding Mr Morrell and two other senior police.

Taiwan has given money to the project while the UNDP is helping demobilise the hundreds of special constables.

Mr Morrell says his discussions with aid donors will include a request for additional personnel.

"potentially another eight or ten is the sort of number I am looking at, but to fill some key positions, just to assist with technical expertise in some of the departments, such as CID, and professional standards and things of that nature, I think would be helpful and also to mentor some up and coming senior officers, I think that would be useful"