8 Apr 2003

Fiji rebels face charges in Suva

4:47 pm on 8 April 2003

Six Fiji rebels charged with offences related to the May 2000 coup have pleaded not guilty in the Suva magistrate's court.

They are former army lawyer, Tevita Bukarau, the former director of the Fiji Intelligence Service, Metuisela Mua, businessman Jioji Bakoso and three others.

They have been charged for consorting with people carrying firearms in public and several counts of unlawful assembly.

Their defence lawyer, Rabo Matebalavu, asked the court that the prosecution provide a list of its witnesses if his clients were to get a fair trial.

Magistrate Laisa Laveti set July 21st to 25th to hear the case but said the court could not order the prosecution to provide disclosures.