31 Mar 2003

Solomon Islands teachers begin indefinite strike over unpaid wages

3:24 pm on 31 March 2003

The Solomon Islands Teachers Association, or SINTA, says classes have been cancelled indefinitely because of a nationwide teachers strike.

A SINTA council member, Jeffrey Lifu, says teachers feel that they have not been treated fairly by the government over arrears for four wage payments.

He says the government has not kept last November's promise to sort out the arrears issues in four months.

Mr Lifu says teachers are refusing to comply with government instructions to staff classrooms.

"All the teachers are now on strike throughout the country. Classes have been cancelled indefinitely because the government is not fair with them. They just say they have not collected enough revenue to pay the teachers though they said the teachers should continue to work, that they are still capable to pay the teachers' salaries within two weeks."

Jeffrey Lifu from the Solomon Islands Teachers Association