12 Mar 2003

New Caledonia Congress may review collegiality system

11:28 am on 12 March 2003

The Vice President of the New Caledonia's Congress says a review of the collegial government system could be done after next year's provincial assembly elections.

Jean Leques, who became the first President after the signing of the 1998 Noumea Accord, says it is difficult to reach a decision in a system based on consensus.

He says an executive formed on the proportional strength of parties in the legislature has been unsuccessful in Northern Ireland.

In Noumea, members of the collegial government are at odds over making decisions on the strength of majorities instead of reaching a consensus.

Mr Leques says this approach may be reviewed.

"in light of the experience since 1999, one will in future probably have to add certain modifications...that will be a topic to be considered by the RPCR and the FLNKS"