22 Feb 2003

Floodwaters hit Papua New Guinea village

10:10 am on 22 February 2003

Continuous rain and flooding in Papua New Guinea have threatened an entire village and the livelihood of its 700-plus inhabitants at Erap near Lae.

The hardest hit area is Bobong village in the Wampar Local Level Government area.

Villagers say the floods washed away three homes, an elementary school classroom, food gardens and cash crops.

A village magistrate, Sam Terry, says the village suffers every time there is prolonged wet weather.

Mr Terry says the residents have been asking the Morobe Provincial Government to move them to higher and safer grounds but have not had a response.

He says the disaster officals are aware of their situtation but have yet to provide any assistance.

Many of the villagers were also victims of a major landslide in Kaiapit in the 1980s.

The provincial government relocated some of the victims to Erap.