7 Feb 2003

More evidence revealed in treason trial of Fiji coup accomplice, Josefa Nata

9:11 am on 7 February 2003

The treason trial of the Fiji coup accomplice, Josefa Nata, has been hearing fresh evidence which contradicts Nata's earlier claim that he had nothing to do with planning the coup.

Radio Fiji reports that state prosecutor, Peter Ridgeway, has tendered video footage of Nata talking on his mobile phone on May 26th, seven days after the coup.

In the video, Nata is heard saying that to salvage the supremacy of the indigenous race, the events of May 19th were inevitable,

In the phone conversation, Nata says they wanted a government set up by George Speight to lead the nation and were concerned that any other authority in power might not achieve the objectives of the coup.

He told the person on the phone that the drastic changes needed unfortunately meant taking people under their care, by which he meant the taking of government hostages.

But he added that they were well looked after with the Red Cross and a doctor visiting them.

In his cross-examination, Nata maintained that he was only following orders from the coup makers in order to obtain the release of the hostages.

Justice Andrew Wilson adjourned the case till today telling Nata to reflect on his telephone conversation.